Cobourg Clocks can restore your clock to original condition including case refinishing, glass cutting, obtain any lost parts, repair damage, supply proper keys etc. and help with information regarding your clocks origin, date of manufacture and approximate value. This Ansonia Gingerbread clock was delivered to our shop painted white, missing its base, a broken movement and missing parts. The result is a stunning example of a 1905 Gingerbread clock. 

Most clock cases suffer from years of waxing, dust and dirt and can be refinished to bring out the clocks original beauty as the manufacturer intended.

We take great pride in our clock dial and face repairs and restorations.  We have accumulated many dials and clock hands and have sources to search and supply many rare and hard to locate clock items.

This is an example of the Adamantine clock style showing a before and after view of the restoration. All aspects of the case, dial, metal legs, dial, pillars and side pieces are refinished. The case is restored to original and the gold scroll work is hand finished.